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I have an agency license and I am making 20 accounts available

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  • icon Use any YouTube or Vimeo video to launch all kinds of profitable video campaigns
  • icon Add unlimited interactive elements to any YouTube or Vimeo video, thereby creating shoppable and clickable videos.


This opportunity gives you  lifetime access to a brand new never-released VIDEO MARKETING PLATFORM for a one-time discounted fee -
What is VideoCampaignor?
VideoCampaignor is a brand new all-in-one video marketing platform that you can use in 2 different ways:
1. It allows you too finally use any YouTube or Vimeo video to launch all kinds of profitable video campaigns, including; Popup video campaigns, popover video campaigns, link-hijack video campaigns, sticky video campaigns, tab video campaign and deal page video campaigns.
There are different stand-alone apps out there that do each one of these campaign types, but we created a suite of all of them in one place for you, saving you both time and money.
2. It allows you to add unlimited interactive elements to any YouTube or Vimeo video, thereby creating shoppable and clickable videos.
90% of videos with interactive elements in them are proven to be watched to the end, and they convert by up to 83%.
What interactive elements can you add to your videos using VideoCampaignor?
You can add unlimited clickable and shoppable interactive elements, including;
- Text
- Image
- Map
- Objects
- Cut-out photos
- Videos
- Buy buttons
- Call-to-actions
- Countdown timers
- Gamification and incentives
- Rewards
- Quizzes and surveys
- Content locking
Video chapters
- Products and services
- Optin forms
- Social share
- Watermarks
- Payment details (Both Stripe & Paypal)
- And more…

No Timer, but I only have 20 accounts to give.